I'm Paying Someone to Do My EITC Return, What Should I Know?


You are responsible for what's on your tax return. Being ready with the right documents to prepare your return, saves you time and reduces the chance of mistakes. See our article, Be Prepared to Get the EITC You Earned PDF, to find out what you need to bring to your preparer.

What to Expect from Your Preparer

  • Your preparer will ask you multiple questions to determine your correct income, expenses, deductions and credits. Avoid an audit, additional tax, penalties or interest by giving your preparer all the needed information and answering all questions. See our article,  Consequences of Errors on Your EITC Returns, to find out why it is so important to get your EITC claim right.
  • Your preparer should review your return with you before you sign. Remember you are responsible for what’s on your return so make sure you understand what’s on your return and that it is complete and correct before you sign. Never sign a blank form.
  • Your paid preparer must enters his or her Preparer Tax Identification number or PTIN and sign the return (returns prepared at a volunteer site should have the site identification number but the non-paid volunteer does not sign the return).
  • A copy of your return for you to keep that matches what you signed.

Choose a Paid Preparer with Care

If you pay someone to do your taxes, choose wisely. Check here IRS advice on how to choose tax preparer

Publication 4717, Help Your Tax Preparer Get You the EITC You Earned

Publication 4717 PDF explains why your preparer asks the questions they do and the importance of providing accurate information to save time and reduce the chance of mistakes. It also covers the consequences of filing EITC claims in error. The publication is in English and Spanish. Order a copy of the Publication 4717 mailed to you.