I'm concerned because my check payment to the IRS hasn't been cashed yet. What should I do?

Before contacting the IRS, first check with your financial institution to verify whether the check has cleared your account.

If it's been at least two weeks since you sent the payment to the IRS and your financial institution verifies that the check hasn't cleared your account, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 to ask if the payment has been credited to your tax account.

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If the payment hasn't been credited and your check hasn't cleared, you may choose to place a stop payment order on the original check and send another payment. If you choose this option, the IRS won't charge a dishonored check penalty. And you may be reimbursed for bank charges related to stopping payment. See the Form 8546, Claim for Reimbursement of Bank ChargesPDF for more information on claiming reimbursement of bank charges.

Payment methods:

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