Understanding your LT41 notice

What this notice is about

We’re trying to collect unfiled tax returns or your Individual Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP). We may contact third parties to assist us to verify your contact information.

Questions about your LT41 notice?

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What you need to do

  • Read your notice carefully: Following the instructions on your notice.
  • Filing missing tax returns: Send your completed federal tax returns and payment to the address listed in your notice within 10 days from the date of the notice. See Filing my missing returns for more information on how to file your return below.
  • Pay your unpaid balance: Full pay the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment that is listed in the notice. You can quickly and easily pay your balance online. See Your Online A ccount to learn how to determine your balance.

Frequently asked questions

We’ll generally need to tell them limited information, such as your name. The law prevents us from disclosing any more information than is necessary to obtain or verify the information we need.

We may continue for a period of one year from the date of the notice.

We’ll send you a copy of the contact list once a year. If you don’t receive a list, it means we didn’t contact anyone who we’re required to advise you of.

Filing my missing returns

You can find information about how to prepare your return at Filing.

If it’s been over 10 weeks since you sent us the return, send a signed copy of it to us again. If you find that one or more of your returns were incorrectly reported as missing, please contact us using the toll-free phone number in your notice.

Based on my income I don’t think I need to file

Use the Do I need to file a tax return? tool to verify that you don’t meet the filing requirements for the tax years involved. If the tool indicates you’re not required to file a return, but the notice indicates you are, please call the toll-free number in your notice.

Based on your income and other factors, you may still be required to file even if you’re due a refund. Also, to receive the refund, you must file a delinquent return within three years of the original return due date, or within two years of the date you full paid the tax, if applicable.

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