Address, Name and, Name and Address
Air transportation
Uncollected tax report, Communications and Air Transportation Taxes—Uncollected Tax Report
Air transportation taxes, Air Transportation Taxes
Alternative fuel, Alternative fuel (IRS Nos. 112, 118, and 120–124).
Amount to deposit, Amount To Deposit
Arrow shafts, Arrow shafts (IRS No. 106).


Biodiesel sold as but not used as fuel, Biodiesel sold as but not used as fuel (IRS No. 117).
Bows, quivers, broadheads, and points, Bows, quivers, broadheads, and points (IRS No. 44).


Deposits, How to make, How To Make Deposits
Diesel, Diesel (IRS No. 60).
Diesel-water emulsion, Diesel-water emulsion (IRS No. 104).


Electric outboard motors, Electric outboard motors (IRS No. 42).
Employer identification number, Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Environmental taxes, Environmental Taxes
Exported taxable fuel, Exported taxable fuel.


Final return, Final Return
Fishing rods and fishing poles, Fishing rods and fishing poles (IRS No. 110).
Fishing tackle boxes, Fishing tackle boxes (IRS No. 114).
Floor stocks, Floor Stocks Tax
Foreign insurance policies, Foreign Insurance Taxes
Form 6197, Gas guzzler tax (IRS No. 40).
Form 6627, Environmental Taxes
Form 720-V, Line 10.
Fuel taxes, Fuel Taxes


Gas guzzler automobiles
One-time filing, Gas guzzler tax (IRS No. 40).
Gasoline, Gasoline (IRS No. 62).


Help, additional, Additional Information
How to file
Zero tax, How To File


Indoor tanning services, Indoor Tanning Services Tax
Inland waterways fuel use tax, Inland waterways fuel use tax (IRS No. 64).
Interest, Penalties and, Penalties and Interest


Manufacturers taxes, Manufacturers Taxes
Medical device excise tax, Taxable medical devices (IRS No. 136).


Name and address, Name and Address


Obligations not in registered form, Obligations not in registered form (IRS No. 31).
ODCs, Environmental Taxes, Floor Stocks Tax
Oil spill liability tax, Environmental Taxes
One-time filing, One-time filing.
Other fuels, tax rates, Other fuels (IRS No. 79).
Ozone-depleting chemicals (ODCs), Environmental Taxes


Patient-centered outcomes research fee, Part II
Payment of taxes, Payment of Taxes
Payment voucher, Line 10.
Penalties and interest, Penalties and Interest


Recordkeeping, Recordkeeping
Retail tax, Retail Tax


Tanning services, Indoor, Indoor Tanning Services Tax
Taxable medical devices, Taxable medical devices (IRS No. 136).
Taxable tires, Taxable tires (IRS Nos. 108, 109, and 113).
Taxes, Payment of, Payment of Taxes
Taxpayer Advocate, Unresolved Tax Issues
Third Party Designee, Third Party Designee
Tire credit, Section 4051(d), Section 4051(d) tire credit.
Tires, taxable, Taxable tires (IRS Nos. 108, 109, and 113).
Transportation by water, Transportation by water (IRS No. 29).
Trucks, trailers, tractors, Truck, trailer, and semitrailer chassis and bodies, and tractors (IRS No. 33)
Two-Party Exchange Information Reporting, Schedule T. Two-Party Exchange Information Reporting


When to deposit, When To Make Deposits
When to file, When To File
Where to file, Where To File

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