Part 1 - Organization, Finance, and Management


IRM 1.4.11 Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) Appointment Service (PDF)

An IRM procedural update, effective 02/20/2020, was issued to add new procedures to IRM regarding Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) Appointment Service.

IRM 1.4.40 Group Manager Concurrence Meeting (GMCM) (PDF)

The purpose of this interim guidance memorandum is to advise SB/SE Field Examination employees that the time requirement to conduct the GMCM has changed.

IRM Approval to Accept Images of Signatures, Digital Signatures, Approval to Receive Documents by Email and Transmit Documents to Taxpayers via SecureZip

Approval to Accept Images of Signatures and Digital Signatures and Approval to Receive Documents by Email and to Transmit Documents to Taxpayers using SecureZip.

IRM 1.15.2 Protecting Federal Advisory Committee Act Records (PDF)

An interim guidance memorandum effective May 9, 2019, was issued to revise IRM 1.15.2 and IRM 1.15.6 regarding protecting Federal Advisory Committee Act records.

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