Recently Approved Division/Function Delegation Orders


LB&I Division Delegation Order LB&I 1-23-17, Error Tolerance Levels for LB&I Cases, Effective 10/21/2022, update to IRM 1.2.63, Division Delegations of Authority for Large Business and International.

RAAS Delegation Order RAAS 11-2-1, Authority of SOI Director to Release Statistical Data, Effective 6/16/2017, update to IRM 1.1.18.

Delegation Order SBSE-01-23-15 (rev.1), Error Tolerance Levels. Effective 01-30-2023.

Small Business/Self-Employed Delegation Order SBSE 1-23-17. Effective Date 04-18-2017. IRM 1.2.65. Authority to Request and Inspect Preparer Records.

Delegation Order SBSE 1-66-1, SB/SE Authorization to Execute Settlement Agreements in Equal Employment Opportunity Matters. Effective 12-02-22.