2020 Taxpayer Compliance Burden Survey


OMB #1545-2212


The Taxpayer Compliance Burden Survey is an important project that can benefit you and millions of other taxpayers.

We hear from taxpayers that resolving issues with the IRS regarding an already-filed federal income tax return are time-consuming and expensive. This survey will allow the IRS to learn more about those costs.

Your responses to the survey will help the IRS better understand the time and money spent by taxpayers resolving issues with a filed return. The information you provide will help the IRS learn how to improve its processes and reduce taxpayer burden. All information provided will be used will be used for research purposes only and participation is voluntary.

Only those taxpayers randomly selected may participate in the study. We estimate that it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Participation for those selected is voluntary.

This survey is being conducted by Westat on behalf of the IRS. Respondents will be sent either the IRS Standard Invitation Letter or the IRS Online Survey Invitation Letter. A sample of each letter is provided below. A sample copy of the survey is also provided.

We hope you will decide to participate in this study. Together we have an opportunity to advance our understanding of taxpayer burden. Thank you.