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SOI Tax Stats - Partnership Returns: Historical and Projected Data

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Data tables are available in Excel. A free Excel viewer is available for download, if needed.

Historical Tables

Data Presented: Selected Balance Sheet and Income Statement Items
Classified by:
Published as:
SOI Bulletin Historical Table 11
Years: 1999-2014
Data Presented: Selected Returns and Forms Filed or to be Filed
Classified by:
Published as:
Return Type, Year
SOI Bulletin Historical Table 21
Years: 2001-2014
Data Presented: Number of Business Income Tax Returns
Classified by:
Published as:
Size of Business, Year
SOI Bulletin Historical Table 12
Years: 1990-2014
Data Presented: Number of Partnerships and Partners, and Net Income, and Percentage Changes
Classified by: Selected Industrial Group, Year
Years: 1990-1997   1989-1996   1988-1995   1987-1994   1986-1993


These statistical projections are made by Office of Research and published by SOI.

Projections of Returns to be Filed in Future Calendar Years

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