What if a levy is causing a hardship

What if a levy on my wages, bank, or other account is causing a hardship?

Contact the IRS at the telephone number on the levy or correspondence immediately and explain your financial situation. If the levy on your wages is creating an immediate economic hardship, the levy must be released. If the levy on your bank account or other account is creating an immediate economic hardship, the levy may be released. 

An economic hardship occurs when we have determined the levy prevents you from meeting basic, reasonable living expenses. In order for the IRS to determine if a levy is causing hardship, the IRS will usually need you to provide financial information so be prepared to provide it when you call. 

A levy release does not mean you are exempt from paying the balance. The IRS will work with you to establish a payment plan or take other steps to help you pay off the balance. To help ensure quick action, please have the fax number available for the employer, bank or other financial institution that is processing the levy.

See information about wage levies or information about bank levies for more information, including information on what to do if you believe your bank account has been levied by mistake.

Refer to the payments page for information on ways to resolve your tax debt.