Tips for successful searching of political organization disclosures


The political organization disclosure site can be used for searching paper and electronic filings for Forms 8871 and Forms 8872, as well as paper filings of Form 990 by section 527 organizations. See the Table of contents for information that will increase your success in searching and your understanding of the results.

The most important tip for successful searching of political organization disclosures is to understand what data is available in the search and from which dates. This information will be provided in this article, as well as on the search pages.

All paper and electronic forms on the political organization disclosure site are in PDF format. To view these PDF files, you will need the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software. For more information regarding the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please refer to the related help section.

As an alternative to online searching, you may choose to download the entire database of electronically submitted Forms 8871 and Forms 8872. Please note that these downloadable data files do not include any paper submissions of Forms 8871, Forms 8872, or Forms 990.

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Table of contents

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