Register your dealership to enable credits for clean vehicle buyers

Clean vehicle dealers and sellers must use this online tool to register with the IRS and to submit time-of-sale reports. Licensed dealers can also register to receive advance payments to offset the amount of a tax credit that was applied toward a customer's purchase price.

All time-of-sale reports for vehicles placed in service in 2024 and forward must be submitted through this tool.

Please check back for information about upcoming tool updates. 

First time users

Register your business

Once you reach the Energy Credits Online portal, you'll see several options. Click the Vehicle Dealers and Sellers link.

Returning users

Access your registered business information

Once you reach the Energy Credits Online portal, you'll see several options. Click the Vehicle Dealers and Sellers link.

What you will need

The IRS uses, a technology provider, to provide identity verification and sign-in services.

  • If you have an account, sign in using your existing account.
  • If you're a new user, have your photo identification ready. Verify your personal identity – not your business information – with

Once you sign in, follow the instructions to register your business. You'll need to be an authorized representative of the business with the following pieces of information:

  • Your business's employer ID number (EIN)
  • Business name and address
  • If you're a licensed dealer that will receive advance payments, your dealership's license number and bank routing and account numbers

You'll use the business tax account application to complete this registration. See below for a detailed user guide and other information that might help you through this process.

Who can use this

Dealers and sellers of clean vehicles must use this online tool to register and report clean vehicle sales that occur on or after January 1, 2024. This includes manufacturers who sell directly to customers.

Once registered, dealers and sellers must use this tool to furnish required information to the IRS for those vehicles to be eligible for a credit under IRC 30D (and for the buyers to receive credits).

A licensed dealer will be able to receive advance payments 15 days after registering.

Accessing this tool lets you:

  • Register the dealership
  • Review registration details
  • Update business information
  • Licensed dealers only: Designate employees who are authorized by your organization to access this tool
  • Licensed dealers only: Register to receive transferred credits from your customers and advance payments from the IRS
    • You can register now, but transfers won't begin until January 1, 2024
  • Submit time-of-sale reports for new vehicles
  • Licensed dealers only: Submit time-of-sale reports for used vehicles
  • Review submitted time-of-sale reports