QuickAlerts "More" e-file Benefits for Tax Professionals


Did you know the IRS has a service that alerts Authorized IRS e-file Providers and Issuers/Payers, Transmitters and Software Developers that will electronically file Affordable Care Act Information Returns to news and events? If not, then you’ve been missing helpful information provided by the QuickAlerts Messaging System.  Get on board to receive “up-to-the-minute” information.

What Is QuickAlerts?

QuickAlerts is a free online service that sends important messages, within seconds, to all "subscribers."  These messages will keep you up to date on events that affect Authorized IRS e-file Providers and Issuers/Payers, Transmitters and Software Developers that will electronically file Affordable Care Act Information Returns.

Why Should You Subscribe?

This is a "free service" with options and convenience rolled into one single package. What could be easier than a "one-time subscription" to receive important information, continuously, until you unsubscribe?

What Are the Benefits?

Five QuickAlerts categories provide information that is certain to enhance your filing season and beyond  

  • Alerts – Processing delays, programming problems, changes to any filing season procedures, Error Reject Code and Business Rules information
  • Technical – Schema information and Software testing (ATS and PATS)
  • General Notifications – Seminars, Conferences, e-file publication changes
  • General IRS e-file Service Center Messages – IRS e-file program updates, General information, Service Center maintenance schedules, IRS e-file Help Desk phone numbers and more.
  • AIR General - Affordable Care Act Information Return (AIR) Messages - Electronic specifications, publications and system information needed for Issuers/Payers, Transmitters and Software Developers to transmit Forms 1094B, 1095B, 1094C and 1095C to IRS

Choose the categories that suit your needs then sit back, relax and let the news come to you through the convenience of email.  Never miss important news or events.  Be informed of what you need to know, when you need to know it.   

Another benefit is the QuickAlerts Library.  The library stores previously posted messages.  If you've missed any of the previous messages, click on the following link to see older and previously posted QuickAlerts: QuickAlerts Library. The library is updated once per month and contains the last 12 months of QuickAlerts Messages.

How to Subscribe

It's simple.   Select this Subscription page link and select "Subscribe" at the bottom of that page. Enter your email address and follow the prompts until you are able to select the "QuickAlerts" subscription.  Then select the categories of QuickAlerts you want to receive.  If you are already an e-News subscriber, just access your e-News Subscription account, select "QuickAlerts" and select the QuickAlerts categories you want.  It's that simple! 

Updating or Canceling Subscriptions

At the bottom of each QuickAlerts email you receive, there is a Subscriber Preference Page link.  Selecting this link will allow you to update your subscription information, modify the QuickAlerts you receive or cancel your subscription. 

Problems or Questions

If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact support@govdelivery.com.  If you have another e-file related issue you wish to bring to our attention, you may send us an email at  QuickAlerts@irs.gov.

Please note that during the filing season, the QuickAlerts mailbox receives "volumes of email."   Responses may be delayed during this timeframe.  We truly apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause you and will work expeditiously to respond as quickly as possible.