Part 2. Information Technology

Table of Contents

2.2 Partnership Control System2.3 IDRS Terminal Responses2.4 IDRS Terminal Input2.5 Systems Development2.7 Information Technology (IT) Operations2.8 Audit Information Management System (AIMS)2.9 Integrated Data Retrieval System Procedures2.11 IDRS Correspondence System2.12 Security and Privacy2.15 Enterprise Architecture (EA)2.16 Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC)
    2.17 Infrastructure Currency2.21 Requisition Processing for IT Acquisition Products and Services2.22 Requirements and Demand Management2.25 Managed Service for IRS2.28 Unified Communications2.30 Section 5082.31 Lifecycle Management2.109 Risk, Issue, and Action Item Management Policy2.110 Requirements Engineering2.120 Engineering2.123 Knowledge Management2.125 Change Management2.126 Transition Management2.127 Testing Standards and Procedures2.142 Service Catalog Management2.148 IT Support Services Management2.149 IT Asset Management2.150 Configuration and Change Management2.172 Enterprise Control Authority and Operations2.173 IT Program Governance