Submission Processing Center Street Addresses for Private Delivery Service (PDS)


Private Delivery Services should deliver returns, extensions and payments to the following Submission Processing Center street addresses only:

Austin - Internal Revenue Submission Processing Center
3651 S IH35,
Austin TX 78741

Kansas City - Internal Revenue Submission Processing Center
333 W. Pershing,
Kansas City, MO 64108

Ogden - Internal Revenue Submission Processing Center
1973 Rulon White Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84201

If using a private delivery service, send your returns to the street address above for the submission processing center (Austin, Kansas City, or Ogden) designated for your type of return:  Where to File Tax Returns - Addresses Listed by Return Type.

Note – when you mail a return from the post office to the IRS, the address to send the return is often different depending on whether you are sending the return with a payment or without a payment.  However, when using a private delivery service to send a return to the IRS, all returns (including those with payments and those without payments) go to one of the street addresses above.