Non-English Speaking or English as a Second Language


Who do you serve?

If your organization serves neighborhoods where English is not spoken as the primary language, you most likely have developed strong ties to your constituents and are a trusted resource for them. The link you provide between these individuals and community services can include tax preparation, tax education and assistance.

How can you participate?

Your group can promote the EITC to your clients or residents, sponsor Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites in your community to prepare tax returns for those who cannot prepare their own yet cannot afford professional help.

You can introduce or support asset-building techniques, such as bank accounts, to those who currently don't have basic financial management strategies. Your group can offer financial literacy workshops designed to explain the benefits of savings accounts, the disadvantages of not using mainstream financial institutions, and address barriers between this population and common financial management practices.

Where do you start?

You have a number of choices. Each partner brings with them their own network of associates and available resources. When pooled with the networks and resources of other coalition partners, the result is a much stronger collaboration. By coordinating existing services and combining available resources from community members, this way of doing business provides thousands of dollars to families, improves their standard of living and provides them with an asset-building opportunity.

Our strategy is to combine three components that support a family's success: awareness and education, tax preparation assistance, and financial assistance. This three-pronged approach relates easily to the missions of other organizations and lends itself well to partnering.


The possibilities of partnering are endless and the effects are boundless. The power of coalitions is a driving force nationwide. If the mission of your organization coincides with that of IRS, why not consider becoming a partner?

To discuss partnering opportunities send an email to, and let us know how we can help you get started.

We will help you get started, so please take a minute to peruse our Partner Products and Volunteer Resource Center for products, web sites, and other materials that may be helpful in your partnership with IRS.