Single Year TCE Grant Recipients


Welcome! We are excited to have you as a grantee! We look forward to the coming year.

Getting Started

Managing the Grant

Now that you have the grant, it is time to ensure your processes for managing the funds are in place and that you can access the funds on-line. In order to be considered for subsequent grant opportunities the recipient must:  

Closing the Grant

  • Final Report RequirementsPDF – Find out what to do when the project period ends and it is time to submit the final report.


  • Form 13533 VITA/TCE Sponsor AgreementPDF – Required to be completed by all grant recipients.
  • Form 14335 Contact Information for the VITA and TCE Grant ProgramPDF - Used to notify IRS of the individuals to contact regarding your grant.
  • Standard Form 425, Federal Financial Report (FFR) Cash Transaction Report – Available in the Payment Management System and is used for reporting quarterly and final period financial information through the Division of Payment Management (DPM).
  • Form 8654PDF, TCE Semi-Annual/Annual Program Report – Used to report budget expenditures semi-annually and annually. In addition, a narrative report must accompany both the Form 8654 Semi-Annual and Form 8654 Annual Report. See Publication 4883, Grant Programs Resource Guide for more information.


  • Publication 1101PDF, Application Package and Guidelines for Managing a TCE Program
  • Publication 4883PDF, Grant Programs Resource Guide –Assistance in understanding requirements of the VITA and TCE Grant Programs.
  • Publication 1084PDF, IRS Volunteer Site Coordinator's Handbook – Guidance on managing and operating a VITA or TCE site

Additional Resources

Important Links

  • Division of Payment Management – Provides the on-line payment management system for funds request, disbursement, and reporting.
  • Office of Management and Budget – Circulars governing the administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for grant recipients.
  • System for Award Management (SAM) - SAM is the primary registrant database of contracts and assistance awards for the federal government and is a free web site that consolidates the capabilities you used to find in CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.
  • Sub-award Reporting - Reporting of first tier sub-awards. Please refer to the TCE Terms and Conditions, Publication 5245, for guidance on reporting sub-awards.

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