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Understanding Your LT75 Notice

Your federal tax is unpaid. We asked you to pay the tax, but haven’t received your payment. We issued a notice of levy to collect your unpaid taxes.

What you need to do

  • Send full payment to the address listed on the notice immediately to avoid further penalty and interest charges.
  • If you already paid the balance or can’t pay the balance, call the telephone number listed on the notice for assistance.

You may want to

  • Request an appeal to the proposed levy action by following the instructions in the notice.
  • Keep this notice in your permanent records.

Answers to Common Questions

What if I can’t pay the balance in full?
Call our office and make arrangements for an installment agreement.

Can I appeal the balance due?
You can request a collection due process hearing. Refer to the directions in the notice.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 02-Nov-2016

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