Fact Sheets, 2003


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Real Estate Fraud Investigations Increase

FS-2003-18 — Through federal tax fraud investigations and money laundering charges, the IRS is playing a key role in the fight against real estate fraud.

IRS Takes Steps to Ensure Credit Counseling Organizations Comply With Requirements for Tax-Exempt Status

FS-2003-17 — IRS is taking steps to ensure that credit counseling organizations comply with requirements for Tax-Exempt status.

Automotive Sales Industry

FS-2003-16 — IRS looks into increase in scams and fraud in the automotive sales industry.

Health Coverage Tax Credit

FS-2003-15 — The Health Coverage Tax Credit helps certain displaced workers and retirees pay for health insurance. The advance credit became available nationwide on Aug. 1, 2003.

EITC Reform Initiative

FS-2003-14 — Background and details related to the initiative announced June 13, 2003.

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

FS-2003-13 — Outlines the advance payment of the Child Tax Credit resulting from the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003.

The Medical Profession and Tax Schemes

FS-2003-12 — Scammers and schemers often prey on busy professionals and IRS has seen an increase in tax fraud in the healthcare community.

Information for Taxpayers Serving in the Armed Forces

FS-2003-11— Explains the income exclusion and filing extension benefits for those who serve in combat zones or qualified hazardous duty areas.

Return Preparer Fraud — Significant Cases

FS-2003-10 -- Court records show what happens when tax return preparers break the law.

IRS Reminds Taxpayers Of Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility

FS-2003-9 -- Low-income taxpayers may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

IRS Details Free File Initiative; Millions Eligible for Free Online Preparation and E-Filing

FS-2003-8 -- Partnership agreement between IRS and private-sector consortium provides Free File -- free online filing for millions of taxpayers.

E-Payment Options for 2003

FS-2003-7 -- Have to pay? E-payment offers an easy way with simple and quick options.

2003 IRS E-file

FS-2003-6 -- An overview of the available e-file options for the 2003 filing season.

2002 Tax Changes for Business Taxpayers

FS-2003-5 -- An overview of 2002 changes affecting business taxpayers.

2002 Tax Changes: IRAs / Retirement Plans

FS-2003-4 -- Tax changes for 2002 related to IRAs and retirement plans.

2002 Tax Changes: Education Incentives

FS-2003-3 -- Education-related changes for 2002 tax returns.

2002 Tax Changes: Individuals

FS-2003-2 -- There are a few tax changes that individual taxpayers might consider, such as the new threshold for filing Schedule B, the 10% tax rate and the adoption credit.

Free Tax Help Available

FS-2003-1 -- Get an overview of the free assistance IRS offers by computer, telephone, fax and in person.

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