Fact Sheets 2004


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

FS-2004-15 — The medical profession is not immune to tax fraud, schemes and scams or prosecutions of those who break the tax laws.

FS-2004-14 — The law prohibits Section 501(c)(3) organizations from certain activities.

FS-2004-13 - Investors in this abusive tax shelter have until June 21 to accept this offer to settle their tax issues.

FS-2004-12 — Guidance documents warn about scams, schemes and errors.

FS-2004-11 — Investors can still get the benefits of lower tax rates without the need to complete Schedule D.

FS-2004-10 — Take care when choosing a tax return preparer.

FS-2004-9 — At least 60% of taxpayers may use free online tax preparation and electronic filing services.

FS-2004-8 — Guidelines for this tax credit for workers with low incomes.

FS-2004-7 — Pay taxes by electronic funds withdrawal from a checking or savings account, or by using a credit card.

FS-2004-6 — Nearly 53 million Americans chose e-file options last year. It's quick, it's easy and for those who qualify, it's free.

FS-2004-5 — Almost 34 million tax packages and nearly 28 million computer-filing brochures will go out this year.

FS-2004-4 — The IRS offers free assistance by computer, telephone, fax and in person.

FS-2004-3 — Nearly 24 million taxpayers received an advance Child Tax Credit payment. Now these taxpayers must subtract their advance payment when figuring the Credit on their 2003 tax returns.

FS-2004-2 — Depreciation, automobile expenses and other information for businesses.

FS-2004-1 — Individual taxpayers will generally find their 2003 taxes lower, thanks to tax law changes in recent years.

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