IRS Modernization

The New IRS

Taxpayer rights were considerably expanded in the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998.

To accomplish these objectives, the IRS developed a new mission statement and a set of guiding principles by which the IRS conducts its tax administration activities.

The IRS Has Changed

The IRS structure was organized around major customer segments instead of IRS processes, as it had been organized before the modernization. For information on the IRS's current organizational structure, see Today's IRS Organization.


These documents mark milestones in the IRS modernization effort.

  • A Progress Report details IRS accomplishments during 2001. (PDF 2M)
  • A Progress Report on the Business Systems Modernization Program details progress made on BSM initiatives during Fiscal Year 2000. (PDF 956K)
  • The IRS Organization Blueprint provides a detailed plan for rebuilding the organizational structure and establishing management roles with clear responsibility (Apr. 2000). (PDF 2M)
  • Modernizing America's Tax Agency — Former Commissioner Rossotti's vision of the new IRS and how to get there (Jan. 2000).
  • Concept to Modernize the IRS — Former Commissioner Rossotti's testimony before the Senate Finance Committee (Jan. 28, 1998). (no longer available)