News Releases for March 2003


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IRS Suggests Ten Ways to Avoid Problems at Tax Time

IR-2003-41 — Better than aspirin for dealing with tax headaches.

IRS Urges Taxpayers to Avoid Last Minute Filing; Tips to Avoid the Rush of the April 15 Deadline

IR-2003-40 — Filing fast and easy with e-file can help stop the stress of last minute tax filing.

Two Million Taxpayers Use Free File; New Program Surpasses Expectations

IR-2003-39 -- IRS-private sector partnership pays off for taxpayers. Total tax filings pass halfway mark. Filing statistics through March 21.

IRS Issues 2002 Data Book

IR-2003-38 — This report provides our annual look at tax administration by the numbers.

U.S. and Netherlands Reach Agreement on Pension Funds

IR-2003-37 — U.S.-Dutch agreement on pension funds in one country that invest in the other country.

Filing Extensions Readily Available by Phone or Computer

IR-2003-36 — It's easy to get extra time to file your forms, but an extension doesn't give more time to pay any tax you owe. Filing statistics through March 14, 2003.

Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative has Month to go; People Need to Apply Directly to Receive Penalty Relief

IR-2003-35 — Time is running out for offshore tax evaders to apply for penalty relief.

IRS Provides Internet Link for Suggestions to the Taxpayer Advocate

IR-2003-34 — Taxpayers can e-mail suggestions and raise systemic problems to IRS management.

Strong Growth in Computer Returns and Federal/State E-File

IR-2003-33 -- Increases of 30% in taxpayers e-filing from their own computers and 14% in those e-filing federal and state returns together reflect the attraction of electronic returns. Filing statistics through March 7.

Pacific Association of Tax Administrators Finalizes Transfer Pricing Documentation

IR-2003-32 — Inter-governmental tax organization agrees to documentation requirements.

IRS Web Site Helps Students Understand U.S. Tax System

IR-2003-31 — The online program provides interactive, educational resources and replaces print materials.

No Change in Interest Rates for the Second Quarter of 2003

IR-2003-30 -- Quarterly interest rates for April-June 2003

New Electronic Options Available for Self-Employed and Small Business Taxpayers

IR-2003-29 — Advantages of electronic options benefit real small business taxpayers.

Frivolous Appeals to Delay Collection Actions Bring Stiff Tax Court Penalties

IR-2003-28 — Those who misuse judicial review to stall collection may face sanctions.

IRS Issues Tips On Completing Schedules K-1; Matching Program Resumes With Improvements

IR-2003-27 — IRS begins program improvements recommended by tax professionals and IRS experts.

New Suspicious Activity Report Form Required for Money Service Businesses

IR-2003-26 -- Form required for a suspicious money service transaction of $2,000 or more.

Tax Professionals Can Now E-File Employment Tax Forms

IR-2003-25 -- New system cuts paperwork burden for small businesses and IRS Use Hits Record Levels

IR-2003-24 -- Taxpayers are using in record numbers to check their refunds, Free File and download millions of forms and publications. Filing statistics through Feb. 28.

IRS Increases Criminal Investigations of Tax Return Preparers; Taxpayers Advised to Use Care in Selecting Preparers

IR-2003-23 — Selecting a tax preparer should be a carefully considered consumer choice. (Corrected - 7/10/03)

IRS and Telemundo Host Program for Spanish-Language Taxpayers

IR-2003-22 -- “Los Impuestos y Usted (Taxes and You)” to focus on practical tips for preparing federal income tax returns, Free File and more.

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