News Releases for September 2005


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Partners Spread the Word on Leave-Donation Program

IR-2005-113, Sept. 30, 2005 — A broad coalition of business and charitable associations joined with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Treasury today to announce a partnership aimed at educating the nation’s employers about a leave-donation program benefiting Hurricane Katrina victims.

Deadlines for Taxpayers Affected by Hurricane Katrina Extended Until Feb. 28

IR-2005-112, Sept. 28, 2005 — New law gives taxpayers affected by Hurricane Katrina until Feb. 28, 2006, to file tax returns and pay any taxes due.

Partnership for Public Service Awards IRS Executive for e-file, Electronic Tax Administration Work

IR-2005-111, Sept. 28, 2005 — Associate Chief Information Officer Terence Lutes has overseen the development of the e-file program.

Tax Relief Granted for Hurricane Rita

IR-2005-110, Sept. 26, 2005 — Hardest hit areas include nine counties in Texas, 23 parishes in Louisiana.

IRS Updates Hurricane Katrina Tax Relief Guidelines for Taxpayers in Four States, Relief Workers and Others Impacted

IR-2005-109, Sept. 21, 2005 — New details help ensure those impacted by the storm get the tax relief they're entitled to.

IRS Announces Additional Agreements to Assist Disaster Victims

IR-2005-108, Sept. 21, 2005––NAEA and AAA-CPA join with IRS to assist taxpayers affected by Hurricane Katrina.

U.S., Mexico Reach Mutual Agreement Regarding Eligibility of Fiscally Transparent Entities to Benefits

IR-2005-107, Sept. 19, 2005 — Competent authorities mutual agreement addresses LLCs.

IRS Defers Schedule M-3 Planned Effective Date for Insurance Corporations

IR-2005-106, Sept. 16, 2005 — Postponing M-3 implementation relieves burden on affected corporate taxpayers.

Retirement Plans Can Make Loans, Hardship Distributions to Katrina Victims

IR-2005-105, Sept. 15, 2005 — Victims of Hurricane Katrina and their families can take out loans and hardship distributions from their 401(k) and similar employer-sponsored retirement plans.

IRS Extends Diesel Fuel Penalty Relief Due to Hurricane Katrina

IR-2005-104, Sept. 15, 2005 – The IRS is extending the penalty relief for dyed diesel fuel sold for use or used on the highway.

Katrina Relief Workers Have Until Jan. 3 to File and Pay Taxes

IR-2005-103, Sept. 14, 2005 — Hurricane Katrina relief workers have an extension of time to file their tax returns and pay any taxes due.

5,000 IRS Telephone Operators Register Hurricane Victims for FEMA Benefits

IR-2005-102, Sept. 14, 2005 — The IRS announced today that several thousand telephone operators are helping FEMA answer telephone calls from Hurricane Katrina victims.

Guidance Issued On Temporary Domestic Shipping Operations

IR-2005-101, Sept. 12, 2005 — Today the Treasury Department and the IRS announced guidance regarding the temporary operation of ships in the domestic trade as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

IRS Selects New ETAAC Chairperson and Members

IR-2005-100, Sept. 12, 2005 — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the selection of six new Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC) members and its new chairperson.

IRS Increases Mileage Rate Until Dec. 31, 2005

IR-2005-99, Sept. 9, 2005 — IRS and the Treasury Department announced today an increase to the optional standard mileage rates for the final four months of 2005.

Extra Time Granted for Tax-Exempt Bond Issuers Affected By Katrina

IR-2005-98, Sept. 8, 2005 — The IRS today announced that it will provide issuers of tax exempt bonds affected by Hurricane Katrina with additional time to file certain information returns and arbitrage rebate returns.

Treasury, IRS Announce Special Relief to Encourage Leave-Donation Programs for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

IR-2005-97, Sept. 8, 2005 — Treasury and IRS officials announced today special relief intended to support leave-based donation programs to aid Hurricane Katrina victims.

Katrina Victims Will Have Until Jan. 3 to File and Pay Taxes

IR-2005-96, Sept. 8, 2005 — Victims of Hurricane Katrina will have until Jan. 3, 2006, to file any returns, pay any taxes or make any deposits due.

IRS Allows Highway Vehicle Removal of Aviation Fuel Due to Hurricane Katrina

IR-2005-95 , Sept. 7, 2005 — The IRS to alleviate local fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina, will permit vehicles registered for highway use to remove aviation-grade kerosene (aviation fuel) from certain airports.

IRS and AICPA Announce Agreement to Assist Disaster Victims

IR-2005-94, Sept. 7, 2005 -- IRS and the AICPA agree to partner to provide assistance to taxpayers with tax issues at FEMA disaster recovery centers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

IRS Expedites Charity Applications, Urges Use of Existing Charities

IR-2005-93, Sept. 6, 2005 — The Internal Revenue Service will provide an expedited review and approval process for new organizations seeking tax-exempt status in order to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. However, the agency encourages people to use existing organizations currently working on immediate aid efforts.

Treasury and IRS Expand Availability of Housing for Hurricane Victims

IR-2005-92, Sept. 2, 2005 — The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today announced that they will waive low-income housing tax credit rules that prohibit owners of low-income housing from providing housing to victims of Hurricane Katrina who do not qualify as low-income. The action will expand the availability of housing for disaster victims and their families.

IRS Expands Relief Area for Katrina Victims

IR-2005-91, Sept. 2, 2005 — IRS expands tax relief to victims in certain areas of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

IRS Grants Relief Regarding Certain Employee Plan Contributions

IR-2005-90, Sept. 2, 2005 — The Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation officials announced today their agencies are providing relief in connection with certain employee benefit plans because of damage in the Gulf Coast area caused by Hurricane Katrina.

IRS Waives Diesel Fuel Penalty Due to Hurricane Katrina

IR-2005-89, Sept. 2, 2005 — The Internal Revenue Service, in response to shortages of clear diesel fuel caused by Hurricane Katrina, will not impose a tax penalty when dyed diesel fuel is sold for use or used on the highway.

IRS Creates Disaster Relief Toll-Free Number

IR-2005-88, Sept. 1, 2005— The Internal Revenue Service announced today the establishment of a special toll-free telephone number for use by taxpayers affected by Hurricane Katrina.

IRS Names New Head of Employee Plans Rulings and Agreements

IR-2005-87, Sept. 1, 2005 -- Joseph Grant is the new Director of Employee Plans Rulings and Agreements in the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division.

IRS Urges Citizens to Seek Qualified Charities for Katrina Help

IR-2005-86, Sept. 1, 2005 — Citizens seeking to make donations to help Hurricane Katrina victims should seek out qualified charities, the Internal Revenue Service said today.

Interest Rates Rise 1 Percentage Point in Fourth Quarter 2005

IR-2005-85, Sept. 1, 2005 — Interest rates for underpayments and overpayments rise by one percentage point.

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