State and Local Income Tax FAQ


For more up-to-date info on this topic, see Rev. Proc. 2019-12PDF.

Does the proposed regulation governing contributions in exchange for state and local tax credits affect the ability of a business that makes a payment under such a program to deduct the payment as an ordinary and necessary business expense?

No, the proposed regulation addresses the deductibility of such payments as charitable contributions under § 170. It does not affect the availability of a business expense deduction under § 162. A business taxpayer making a payment to a charitable or government entity described in § 170(c) is generally permitted to deduct the entire payment as an ordinary and necessary business expense under § 162 if the payment is made with a business purpose.  The rules permitting an ordinary and necessary business expense deduction under § 162 apply to a taxpayer engaged in carrying on a trade or business regardless of the form of the business.

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