Safeguards Program Office Hours Calls


Office Hours are hosted by the Office of Safeguards as an opportunity for agencies to gain insight or additional support regarding specific topics relevant to the Safeguarding process. Office Hours serve as a forum for agencies to ask questions and interact with Subject Matter Experts.

Office Hours Calls (Topic: Remote Assessments)  PDF

The Office of Safeguards successfully hosted its Office Hours Calls sessions and presented the topic of Remote Assessments on July 7, 2020 and July 9, 2020.

Nessus Compliance Scanning

Topics covered include an overview of Nessus, how to prepare for and participate in an on-site review, as well as post-review activities.

IT Scoping and Electronic Data Flow

Topics include an overview of the Safeguards review, IT pre-review activities, IT scoping, Safeguards security reports, and more.

Cloud Computing with Federal Tax Information (FTI)

Topics include an overview of cloud computing, requirements that agencies must comply with, and how to prepare for an on-site review.