SOI Tax Stats - Individual Income Tax Returns Line Item Estimates (Publication 4801)


This publication (Publication 4801) is available as a PDF file. A free Adobe reader is available for download, if needed.

Statistics of Income (SOI) count package indicates the estimates of frequencies of the entries on the lines of the forms and schedules filed with individual tax returns as shown in the Individual SOI Complete Report (Publication 1304). This publication includes corresponding dollar amounts of selected lines filed in concurrence with the number of returns filed. The first year these data have been available is 2003.

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The Statistics of Income (SOI) Information Returns, Line Item Estimates (Publication 5385) provides estimates of frequencies and amounts of the entries on the lines of the forms filed for selected information returns that accompany the Individual SOI Complete Report weighted file. The estimates presented here are based on returns filed in the processing year that were sampled statistically and then weighted to estimate the entire tax year.

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