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SOI Consultants Panel

Since 1986, SOI has had a Consultants Panel whose membership consists of a distinguished group of individuals from academia, nonprofit organizations, State and local government, and the private sector. The Panel has always had a keen interest in helping SOI fulfill its mission by assisting SOI staff to improve overall performance and by providing guidance and advice to make SOI more efficient, forward thinking, and responsive to its many customers both in and outside of the public sector.

SOI Consultants Panel Members

Mary Batcher   BDS Data Analytics

Jenny Bourne   Carleton College Department of Economics

Peter Brady   Investment Company Institute

Len Burman   Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center The Urban Institute

Daniel Feenberg   National Bureau of Economic Research

Erin Henry  University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business

Amy Gill  Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Bureau of Research

Julia Lane   New York University Center for Urban Science and Progress

George Plesko   University of Connecticut School of Business Accounting Department

Joseph Rosenberg  Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center Urban Institute

Fritz Scheuren   NORC at the University of Chicago

Lin Smith   PricewaterhouseCoopers

Robert Strauss   Carnegie Mellon University Heinz School

Mike Udell   District Economics Group

Danny Yagan  University of California, Berkley