FATCA Online Registration System: Information for Adding Multiple Sponsored Entities Using a File Upload


The FATCA Registration Sponsored Entity XML Schema provides the format and structure to add Sponsored Entity and Sponsored Subsidiary Branch information using a file upload. The IRS provides a Microsoft Excel-based  Sponsored Entity Data Preparation Tool for users unfamiliar with XML.

The information below has instructions on how to create and validate the XML file:

File Description Instructions

FATCA Registration Sponsored Entity Data Preparation Tool (XLSM) (537 KB)

Data preparation tool compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010 or later to validate and generate a sponsored entity XML file based on data provided by the user. Sponsored Entity Data Preparation Tool Instructions PDF
FATCA-FIRegistration-SponsoredEntityUpload-Schema ZIP

FATCA-FIRegistration-SponsoredEntityUpload-1.0.xsd (13 KB)
Main schema for FATCA FI Registration Sponsored Entity List.

FATCA-FIRegistration-SponsoredEntityUpload-CountryList-1.0.xsd (80 KB)
Two-letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1 standard. Referenced by main schema.

SampleSponsoredEntityList (XML) 4 KB) – Sample Sponsored Entity List file.

Multiple Sponsored Entities XML File Preparation Instructions PDF

Additional Reference 
Country/Jurisdiction Listing

XML Resources – The .XSD and sample .XML files can be viewed with a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome), a text editor (i.e. Notepad), or an XML tool (i.e. XMLSpy, XML Notepad).