Large Business & International (LB&I) Division

Senior Leadership Team

  • Douglas O'Donnell, LB&I Commissioner
  • Nikole C. Flax, LB&I Deputy Commissioner

  • DeLon Harris, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Compliance Integration

  • Theodore Setzer, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, International

  • Keith A. Walker, Director, Program and Business Solutions

  • John Hinding, Director, Cross Border Activities

  • Scott A. Ballint, Director, Enterprise Activities

  • Holly Paz, Director, Pass Through Entities

  • Jennifer Best, Director, Treaty and Transfer Pricing Operations

  • John Cardone, Director, Withholding and Individual International Compliance

  • Lavena Williams, Director, Eastern Compliance

  • Barbara Harris, Director, Northeastern Compliance

  • Gloria Sullivan, Director, Western Compliance

General Division Contact Information

Large Business & International Division
Internal Revenue Service
1111 Constitution Ave., N.W.
Attn: SE:LB&I
Washington, DC 20224

TEL: 202-317-8954
FAX: 202-317-8960

See the LB&I Directory for a complete listing of the LB&I management team and direct contact information. 

Stakeholders may now view an updated version of the LB&I Organization Chart (PDF) to view LB&I's management structure.