Offer in Compromise Public Inspection File

If you wish to submit an offer in compromise, please see Form 656-B, Offer in Compromise BookletPDF for the appropriate mailing address and requirements.

Please visit the Offer in Compromise Program for forms and more information.

Public Inspection files contain limited information regarding accepted Offers in Compromise such as the taxpayer name, city/state/ZIP, liability amount, and offer terms. View a sample Form 7249, Offer Acceptance ReportPDF, to see the information you will receive by requesting a copy of a public inspection file.

The IRS makes available for public inspection a copy of Form 7249, Offer Acceptance Report, for one year after the date of acceptance.

If you wish to submit a request, complete and send the Offer in Compromise Public Inspection File FormPDF. We will respond in 15 business days. Fax is the preferred method; if mailing, allow an additional 5 business days for a response.

Please note: The fax number is only for requests for public inspection of Form 7249, Offer in Compromise Acceptance Report. If you have an inquiry regarding an open offer, contact the phone number on the most recent letter you received.

To avoid processing delays, fax or mail only one request to the IRS office.

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