Tax Year 2016 Schemas and Business Rules for Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR)


The links below provide information and technical guidance for software developers and transmitters who are interested in developing software for AIR for Tax Year 2016. Included are the XML Schemas, Business Rules and Release Memorandums.

Tax Year 2016 Documents:

Updated: 04/27/2017

Known Issues and SolutionsPDF

The Schema to Form Crosswalks are provided for reference:

Form 1094-B Schema to Form CrosswalkPDF

Form 1094-C Schema to Form CrosswalkPDF

Form 1095-B Schema to Form CrosswalkPDF

Form 1095-C Schema to Form CrosswalkPDF

XML Schemas, Business Rules and Memo - Throughout the year, multiple versions of these documents may be in use at the same time. Special attention should be paid to the Release Memo issue date and the projected start and end dates for AIR Assurance Testing System (AATS) and Production.

Tax Year 2016 Forms 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1095-C

Version Date Posted AATS Dates Production Dates

TY2016V3.3  Updates:
10/24/2017 Posting
new business rule
file version 3.2.
01/30/2017 - New
posting added one
additional file to
schema package and
business rule versions 2
and 3 were added for


Start Date: 10/30/2017

End Date: TBD

Start Date:  01/2018

End Date:   TBD


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