Schedules K-1 Two-Dimensional Bar Code Specifications


See below for individual field descriptions, lengths, and specifications.

  • Numeric fields
    • Do not include leading zeros (except Taxpayer Identification Numbers, zip codes, and percentages).
    • If negative value, the minus sign "-" must be present immediately to the left of the number and part of the 12 position field.
    • Do not use non-numeric characters.
    • All money fields should be rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount
      • If a money amount ends in 00 to 49 cents, drop the cents.
      • If a money amount ends in 50 to 99 cents, truncate the cents and increment to dollar amount by one.
    • Use the same rounding technique for the bar code and the printed K-1.
    • All numeric only fields are right justified (except Taxpayer Identification Numbers and zip codes).
  • All field lengths are expressed as Maximum lengths. If the value in the field has fewer positions or the software program does not support that many positions, put in the bar code only those positions actually used.
  • Alpha fields
    • Do not include leading blanks (left justified)
    • Do not include trailing blanks
    • Use uppercase alpha characters only
  • Variable fields
    • Do not include leading blanks (left justified)
    • Do not include trailing blanks
    • May use uppercase alpha characters, numbers, and special characters as defined in each field
  • Delimit each field with a carriage return.
  • Express percentages as 6-digit numbers without the percent sign.
    Left justify with leading zero(s)  (for percentages less than 100%) and no decimal point (decimal point assumed between 3rd and 4th positions)
    • 25.32% express as "025320"
    • 105% express as "105000"
    • 8.275% express as "008275"
    • 10.24674% express as "010247"
  • It's vital that the print routine reinitialized the bar code prior to printing each succeeding K-1.  Failure to do this will result in each K-1 for a parent return having the same bar code as document before it.

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