Disability Related Products


This page contains a collection of IRS tax forms and publications that provide information of interest to persons with disabilities.  

Note: Links to the various formats will be added to this page as the products become available. 

Itemized Deductions, Form 1040 Schedule A

Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled, Form 1040 Schedule R 

Work Opportunity Credit, Form 5884

Disabled Access Credit, Form 8826

Alternative Media Preference, Form 9000

Alternative Media Preference (in Spanish), Form 9000 (SP)

Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals), Publication 17

Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information, Publication 501

Medical and Dental Expenses Including the Health Coverage Tax Credit, Publication 502

Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled, Publication 524

Taxable and Nontaxable Income, Publication 525

Miscellaneous Income, Publication 529

Earned Income Credit, Publication 596

Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities, Publication 907

Social Security Benefits and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits, Publication 915

Living with Disabilities, Publication 3966

Your Civil Rights are Protected, Publication 4053(EN/SP)

Disability and EITC, Publication 4808

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For more information on products for persons with disabilities, visit the More Information for Persons With Disabilities page or the Disability Information for Individuals, Businesses, and Partners Providing Services page.