A message from the Commissioner – Next Steps


June 3, 2020

As the Secretary noted in his messagePDF earlier today, it's important that we continue to respect, value and support each other as well as our communities during this time. As we continue to work through important issues, your health, safety and well-being are paramount to me. While we closely monitor developments, we also need to continue to meet our mission on behalf of the nation.

As part of that, we remain on track with our phased expansion and reopening of operations continues for employees with nonportable work. Employees with nonportable work returned to offices in Kentucky, Texas and Utah on Monday.

In careful accordance with current state and local guidelines, we are taking the next steps to reopen additional operations in:

  • Georgia and Tennessee beginning June 15
  • Missouri and Michigan beginning June 15
  • Indiana and Ohio beginning June 29
  • California, Puerto Rico, Oregon beginning June 29

These include key processing centers, notice print facilities and call center operations. We will continue to focus on nonportable work.

Returning employees will be contacted as early as next week, allowing them the necessary time to make personal arrangements like childcare and other important matters.

For those who can perform their duties at home, our mandatory telework policy remains in effect for the foreseeable future to maximize social distancing. We continue to stress that employees should remain in their current work situation, whether teleworking or on weather and safety leave, until hearing from management.

The health and safety of our employees will always be our top priority. Our facilities staff is working around the clock to ensure the appropriate precautions are taken for the well-being of our employees. There is also a special Return to Operations section available on IRS Source with information you need to know. As a reminder:

  • Employees who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to work and may be required to provide medical documentation if sick leave exceeds three consecutive workdays.
  • Employees in high-risk populations, as defined by the CDC, may request weather and safety leave if they cannot telework.
  • We will assess each POD after every shift to ensure appropriate cleaning, supplies and social distancing guidelines continue to be met.

I am constantly in awe of this agency's resilience and your steadfast dedication to serving the American people. We greatly appreciate our employees who continued working in our offices throughout these challenging times, and the volunteers who have returned to help with critical issues. I am also grateful for the hard work and flexibility of those of you who have teleworked non-stop.

On behalf of the entire IRS leadership team, I want to thank you for everything you do. Please stay safe.