American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: News Releases, Multimedia and Legal Guidance

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This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

News Releases


  • IR-2010-110, Expanded Recovery Act Tax Credits Help Homeowners Winterize their Homes, Save Energy; Check Tax Credit Certification Before You Buy, IRS Advises
  • IR-2010-80, Closing Deadline Extended to Sept. 30 for Eligible Homebuyer Credit Purchases
  • IR-2010-69, Recent Legislation Offers Special Tax Incentives for Small Businesses to Provide Health Care, Hire New Workers
  • IR-2010-52, COBRA Subsidy Eligibility Period Extended to May 31
  • IR-2010-9, COBRA Subsidy Eligibility Period Extended Through February; 15-Months Subsidy Now Available to Those Who Qualify
  • IR-2010-6, New Homebuyer Credit Form Released; Taxpayers Reminded to Attach Settlement Statement and Other Key Documents


  • IR-2009-119, IRS Reminds Car Shoppers about 2009 Tax Break
  • IR-2009-112, New Tax Guide Features Recovery Tax Breaks; Helps People Save on their 2009 Taxes
  • IR-2009-108, First-Time Homebuyer Credit Extended to April 30, 2010; Some Current Homeowners Now Eligible
  • IR-2009-105, Most Businesses May Take Advantage Of Expanded Loss Carryback Option Under New IRS Procedure
  • IR-2009-98, Expanded Recovery Act Tax Credits Help Homeowners Winterize their Homes, Save Energy; Check Tax Credit Certification Before You Buy, IRS Advises
  • IR-2009-89, Oct. 17 Is Last Day for Businesses to Request Tax Credit Certification for Some New Hires
  • IR-2009-88, Special Sales Tax Deduction for Car Purchases Available through End of 2009
  • IR-2009-83, First-Time Homebuyer Credit Provides Tax Benefit to 1.4 Million Families to Date
  • IR-2009-82, IRS Announces New Materials Available to Promote Awareness of Recovery Act Tax Benefits
  • IR-2009-81, IRS Approves Issuance by Tribes of First Tranche of Economic Development Bonds
  • IR-2009-76, IRS Features Recovery Tax Credits on YouTube, iTunes
  • IR-2009-72, For Many Small Businesses, Fall Filing Deadline Looms for Special Refund Claims
  • IR-2009-69, IRS Warns Taxpayers to Beware of First-Time Homebuyer Credit Fraud
  • IR-2009-67, IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Take Advantage of Recovery Act Benefits
  • IR-2009-60, Special Tax Break on New Car Purchases Available in States With No Sales Tax
  • IR-2009-55, IRS Offers Tax Credit Guidance to Businesses Hiring Unemployed Veterans and Certain Youth
  • IR-2009-51, Law Offers Special Tax Breaks for Small Business; Act Now and Save, IRS Says
  • IR-2009-50, IRS Announces Withholding Adjustment Option for Pension Plans and Provides Taxpayer Education
  • IR-2009-45, Tax Breaks Available for Taxpayers Who Purchase Qualified Plug-In Electric Vehicles
  • IR-2009-44, Energy-Saving Steps This Year May Result in Tax Savings Next Year
  • IR-2009-33, IRS Issues Guidance on New Build America Bonds
  • IR-2009-31, Visits to Up Sharply as Taxpayers Go Online to Get Tax Information
  • IR-2009-30, Special Tax Break Available for New Car Purchases This Year
  • IR-2009-29, First $2,400 of Unemployment Benefits Tax Free in 2009
  • IR-2009-27, First-Time Homebuyers Have Several Options to Maximize New Tax Credit
  • IR-2009-26, New Law Extends Net Operating Loss Carryback for Small Businesses; IRS to Ensure Refunds Paid Timely
  • IR-2009-15, IRS Releases Information to Help Employers Claim COBRA Medical Coverage Credit on Payroll Tax Form
  • IR-2009-14, Expanded Tax Break Available for 2009 First-Time Homebuyer
  • IR-2009-13, Withholding Tables Now Available on; Most Workers Will See Bigger Paychecks this Spring

Fact Sheets


  • FS-2010-7, Most Workers Need to File New Schedule M; Making Work Pay Credit Offers Tax Savings Up to $800
  • FS-2010-6, Tax Credits for Home Buyers
  • FS-2010-4, 2009 Tax Law Changes Provide Saving Opportunities for Nearly Everyone


  • FS-2009-12, How 529 Plans Help Families Save for College and How the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Expanded 529 Plan Features
  • FS-2009-11, Business Provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
  • FS-2009-10, Energy Provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

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  • General Recovery (ARRA) Message 
  • Home Energy Credit
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Vehicle Sales Tax Deduction




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