Daily IRS Tax Tips Available For 2003 Filing Season


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2002-140, Dec. 18, 2002

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service will again offer a daily series of Tax Tips for the 2003 federal tax filing season beginning Jan. 2.

IRS Tax Tips will offer concise, useful information on topics affecting millions of taxpayers. These easy-to-read tips will cover a wide range of topics, from child credits and higher education benefits to Individual Retirement Accounts and Social Security issues.  Sample topics include:

  • Common errors to avoid when preparing your taxes.
  • Free tax help from the IRS.
  • E- file helps refunds, payments.
  • Charitable contributions
  • Capital gains and losses.
  • Don’t overlook home mortgage points.
  • When are Social Security benefits taxable?
  • What to do if you can’t pay your tax.
  • Amended returns

More than 70 Tax Tips will be available, a new one for each business day until the April 15 tax deadline.

News media wishing to receive copies of the daily tips via e-mail can sign up by sending an e-mail to *TaxTips@irs.gov (Please note that the e-mail address begins with an asterisk). Reporters should include their name, organization, preferred e-mail address and a phone number. Media can also contact IRS National Media Relations at (202) 622-4000.