Filing Season Statistics for Week Ending February 04, 2022



For week ending February 4, 2022 

2021 Filing Season began February 12, 2021; 2022 Filing Season began January 24, 2022

IRS Statement:

The IRS is off to a strong start to this year’s tax season, with more than four million refunds already being delivered as of February 4, 2022. For historical perspective, it’s important to remember these weekly numbers can shift dramatically during the initial weeks of filing season due to numerous factors, including the calendar and filing patterns that can change year to year. Since the IRS successfully opened tax season two weeks earlier this year than 2021, there are no year-to-year comparisons at this point in tax season.

Individual Income Tax Returns: 2021 2022 % Change
Total Returns Received NA 16,685,000 NA
Total Returns Processed NA 12,992,000  NA
E-filing Receipts:      


15,990,000 NA
Tax Professionals NA 5,243,000 NA
Self-prepared NA 10,747,000 NA
Web Usage:      
Visits to NA 120,234,000 NA
Total Refunds[1]:      
Number NA 4,330,000 NA
Amount NA   $9.533 Billion NA
Average refund NA $2,201 NA
Direct Deposit Refunds[2]:      
Number NA 4,464,000 NA
Amount NA   $10.294 Billion NA
Average refund NA $2,306 NA

[1] Total Refunds includes refunds for returns received in 2022.

[2] Direct Deposit Refunds includes refunds for returns received in the prior year or the current year but processed in 2022 requesting a direct deposit.