Future State and IRS Activities


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

To better serve taxpayers, the IRS needs to align its organizations to most effectively meet their needs. Several projects underway will help us identify areas where we can become more effective, more efficient and/or generate savings to reinvest in the future. Many business units continue to develop and consider a number of projects tied to the larger Future State effort with a goal of improving taxpayer service, better equipping employees and achieving compliance outcomes. Those efforts include:

  • Tax Exempt/Government Entities has many initiatives underway, including a Lean Six Sigma review of determination letter processes in Exempt Organizations and Employee Plans and developing web-based solutions for taxpayer service and outreach.

See a Possible Option for Government Entity TaxpayersPDF

  • Wage & Investment has been steadily moving toward the Future State, taking advantage of long-term planning, engagement and collaboration. The Service Approach has resulted in changes to taxpayer services that allowed us to serve more taxpayers overall, and several other service-related projects and realignment efforts are already complete or underway.

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  • Small Business/Self-Employed is looking to find better and more efficient ways of doing business, including using technology to transform taxpayer service and enforcement.

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  • Large Business & International has several efforts underway to support a flexible and well-trained workforce, select better work, tailor work streams to achieve compliance outcomes and to promote innovation and feedback-based improvement.

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