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IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Mail Returns to the Correct Address - Jan. 16, 2003

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2004-11, Jan. 16, 2003

WASHINGTON — As taxpayers begin to prepare their tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service notes that some may be sending their returns to a different service center than last year. Those who received a tax instruction booklet from the IRS in the mail and use the labels included with the booklet can be assured that their tax returns will go to the correct address. Taxpayers who e-file are not affected by these changes.

Taxpayers in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Michigan, Montana, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Utah and Wyoming, as well as those in parts of New York, will file tax returns with a different center in 2004 than they did during 2003. Taxpayers in these states should be aware of this change only if they did not receive an instruction booklet in the mail and plan on mailing a paper tax return.

During 2004:

  • For taxpayers in Alabama and Rhode Island, the address is Internal Revenue Service Center, Atlanta, GA  39901,
  • For all taxpayers in New York, the address is Internal Revenue Service Center, Andover, MA  05501
  • For taxpayers in Delaware and Michigan, the address is Internal Revenue Service Center, Kansas City, MO 64999
  • For taxpayers in Arkansas and Tennessee, the address is Internal Revenue Service Center Austin, TX 73301
  • For taxpayers in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming, the address is Internal Revenue Service Center Fresno, CA 93888.

Taxpayers enclosing a check should add “-0102” to the zip code listed above if mailing a Form 1040, “-0115” for Form 1040A or “-0114” for Form 1040EZ. Those not enclosing a check should add “-0002” if mailing a Form 1040, “-0015” for Form 1040A, or “-0014” for Form 1040EZ.

This change is part of an on-going process as the IRS continues to redistribute workload among the seven centers that process individual tax returns.

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