News Releases for April 2009

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2009-46, April 29, 2009 — More than 90 million tax returns have been e-filed this year. [This release includes the tax filing season statistics for the week ending April 24, 2009.]

IR-2009-45, April 24, 2009 — Plug-in electric vehicles using certain types of batteries may qualify for a new tax credit if purchased this year, the IRS said today.

IR-2009-44, April 22, 2009 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded individual and business taxpayers that many energy-saving steps taken this year may result in bigger tax savings next year.

IR-2009-43, April 21, 2009 — IRS provides $9.5 million in matching grants for 2009.

IR-2009-42, April 16, 2009 — The tax credit for hybrid passenger automobiles and light trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company has begun to phase out for purchases made after March 31, 2009, the IRS said.

IR-2009-41, April 13, 2009 — The IRS issued its 2009 “dirty dozen” list of tax scams, including schemes involving phishing, hiding income offshore and false claims for refunds.

IR-2009-40, April 10, 2009 — The IRS has advice for those who haven't yet filed their refurn, paid their taxes or requested an extension.

IR-2009-39, April 9, 2009 — Taxpayers should file their tax return and pay their taxes by the April 15 deadline, but there are options to assist those who can't.

IR-2009-38, April 7, 2009 –– IRS Acting Chief Counsel Clarissa C. Potter has selected Jonathan Forman as the 2009-2010 Professor in Residence.

IR-2009-37, April 7, 2009 — Credit or debit card convenience fees charged for paying federal individual income taxes electronically are deductible for some taxpayers who itemize.

IR-2009-36, April 7, 2009 — Taxpayers who need more time to complete their returns should submit their requests for an automatic extension electronically by April 15, the IRS urged today.

IR-2009-35, April 7, 2009 — An enrolled agent was suspended from practice before the Internal Revenue Service by the Office of Professional Responsibility on April 6 for not performing services related to offers in compromise (OIC) paid for by taxpayers.

IR-2009-34, April 6, 2009 — Opportunities to work with IRS as a member of the Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee announced today.

IR-2009-33, April 3, 2009 — State and local governments may issue taxable bonds for capital projects and receive a new direct federal subsidy payment from the Treasury Department for a portion of their borrowing costs.

IR-2009-32, April 2, 2009 –– The IRS is continuing to monitor the situation and will take further action, if necessary.

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