News Releases for February 2010

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

Interest Rates Remain the Same for the Second Quarter of 2010

IR-2010-22, Feb. 26, 2010 — Interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning April 1, 2010, will remain the same.

Feb. 28 is Last Day for Special Tax Option for Haiti Relief Donations

IR-2010-21 Feb. 19, 2010 — Taxpayers wishing to claim their Haiti relief donations on the tax return they are filling out this season must make those donations by the end of this month.

IRS Approves Second Round of Issuance by Indian Tribal Governments of Economic Development Bonds

IR-2010-20, Feb. 11, 2010 — Seventy-six tribal governments awarded a combined $1.005 billion of bond issuance authority.

IRS Suspends Tax Practitioner for Preparing False Tax Returns

IR-2010-19, Feb. 5, 2010 — A CPA has been suspended for twelve months from practice before the IRS by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

IRS Debunks Frivolous Tax Arguments 2010

IR-2010-18, Feb. 5, 2010 — The 2010 version of a discussion and rebuttal of common frivolous arguments made by those who oppose compliance with federal tax laws has been released.

IRS Seeks Members for Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee 2010

IR-2010-17, Feb. 4, 2010 — The IRS announced it is accepting applications to fill vacancies on the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC), which provides feedback on the policies, programs and procedures of electronic tax administration.

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