News Releases for January 2004


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

More Honda Vehicles Certified for Clean-Fuel Vehicle Deduction

IR-2004-16 — 2003 and 2004 Honda Insight and 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid are eligible for clean-fuel vehicle deduction.

Help for Child Tax Credit Available on

IR-2004-15 — Taxpayers must subtract their advance payment amounts when figuring the credit to claim on their 2003 returns.

Treasury and IRS Propose New Tax Form for Corporate Tax Returns

IR-2004-14 — Schedule M-3 will make differences between financial accounting net income and taxable income more transparent for corporations with assets of $10 million or more.

Free File Opens Second Year; Improvements Detailed

IR-2004-13 — Program lets taxpayers prepare and file their returns online for free.

IRS Urges Taxpayers to Review EITC Eligibility

IR-2004-12 — Workers with low incomes shouldn't guess whether or not they qualify for this benefit; they should check the rules and know.

IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Mail Returns to the Correct Address

IR-2004-11— Taxpayers in nine states and some taxpayers in New York will file at different IRS centers this year.

IRS Launches Program for Business Taxpayers

IR-2004-10 — EFTPS Express Enrollment for New Businesses offers taxpayers quicker access to making electronic payments.

IRS Issues Fall 2003 Statistics of Income Bulletin

IR-2004-9 — Bulletin includes a detailed look at 130.3 million individual returns for Tax Year 2001.

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases Report to Congress, Cites AMT as a Top Problem Facing Taxpayers

IR-2004-8 — Report identifies the Alternative Minimum Tax and sole proprietor tax noncompliance as the top two problems facing taxpayers.

IRS Appoints Donna C. Hansberry to be Assistant to the Commissioner (Attorney–Advisor for Tax)

IR-2004-7 — New Assistant to the Commissioner, Donna C. Hansberry, will serve as a senior legal advisor.

IRS Announces Richard Speier Jr., to be Deputy Chief, CI

IR-2004-6 — New Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigation (CI), Richard Speier, will work with the newly appointed Chief (CI) to lead the agency's law enforcement division.

Judge Grants Request of IRS Office of Professional Responsibility to Disbar CPA

IR-2004-5 — Former IRS agent misled clients with meritless assertions about the requirement to file tax returns.

Nancy Jardini Named Chief of Criminal Investigation

IR-2004-4 — Jardini will head the law enforcement division of the IRS.

IRS Plans New Steps to Improve Operations, Shift Jobs to Front-Line Positions

IR-2004-3 — Changes are designed to create operational efficiencies that allow more enforcement positions in 2005.

Tax Filing Season Opens with Debut of 1040 Central

IR-2004-2 — New page pulls together much of the step-by-step information taxpayers need to prepare and file a return and check on refunds.

IRS Strengthens Employee Tax Compliance Program

IR-2004-1— As the IRS places a new emphasis on overall taxpayer compliance, IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson announced that additional steps will be taken to ensure IRS employees follow the law.

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