News Releases for March 2006


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2006-50, March 31, 2006 — More than 50 million returns have been e-filed this year. [Filing Season Statistics for the week ending March 24 are attached.]

IR-2006-49, March 27, 2006 — IRS's new electronic mailbox allows taxpayers who have received suspicious emails claiming to come from the IRS to forward for further investigation.

IR-2006-48 , March 23, 2006 — Taxpayers are invited to apply by April 28, 2006, for membership on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a forum that faciliates citizen input to the IRS on various taxpayer and customer service issues.

IR-2006-47, March 22, 2006 — Home computer filing is up nearly 17 percent from a year ago. [Release includes filing season statistics for week ending March 17, 2006.]

IR-2006-46, March 17, 2006 — The newest edition of the IRS Data Book provides details about audits, collections, electronic filing, taxpayer service, and many other tax related subjects for Fiscal Year 2005.

IR-2006-45, March 16, 2006 — The IRS today issued updated guidance describing and rebutting frivolous arguments taxpayers should avoid when filing their tax returns.

IR-2006-44, March 15, 2006 — A higher percentage of tax returns have been e-filed this year than last. Release contains filing season statistics for March 10, 2006.

IR-2006-43, March 13, 2006 — The Internal Revenue Service announced today an agreement with two tax professional associations to assist taxpayers impacted by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

IR-2006-42, March 9, 2006 — Firms will adhere to strict IRS standards to protect taxpayer rights and privacy.

IR-2006-41, March 9, 2006 — The overpayment and underpayment interest rates remain unchanged for the quarter beginning on April 1.

IR-2006-40, March 8, 2006 — The Internal Revenue Service today announced that more than 450 of the nation’s largest corporations have electronically filed taxes in advance of the March 15 filing date.

IR-2006-39, March 7, 2006 — A greater percentage of tax returns are being e-filed this year than last year, first filing season statistics show.

IR-2006-38, March 2, 2006 — Business taxpayers have until March 31, 2006, to submit issues where tax treatment is uncertain, frequently disputed or burdensome to the Industry Issue Resolution Program for project selection.

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