News Releases for November 2019

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2019-191, November 26, 2019 — As tax filing season approaches, the Internal Revenue Service cautions taxpayers not to rely on receiving their refund by a certain date, especially when making major purchases or paying bills. Some tax returns may require additional review and those refunds may take longer.

IR-2019-190, November 26, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service today issued guidance for business travelers, updated to include changes resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

IR-2019-193, December 2, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations today on the Foreign Tax Credit, a long-standing tax benefit that generally allows individuals and businesses to claim a credit for income taxes paid or accrued to foreign governments.

IR-2019-189, November 22, 2019 — The Treasury Department and the IRS today issued final regulations confirming that individuals taking advantage of the increased gift and estate tax exclusion amounts in effect from 2018 to 2025 will not be adversely impacted after 2025 when the exclusion amount is scheduled to drop to pre-2018 levels.

IR-2019-188, November 22, 2019 — The IRS recently awarded more than $9.8 million in TCE grants to organizations that provide free federal tax return preparation.

IR-2019-187, November 20, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) today issued its annual report for 2019, including recommendations to the IRS on new and continuing issues in tax administration.

IR-2019-186, November 19, 2019 — The IRS today reminded tax professionals to review their e-Services account to ensure all contact information is accurate and to add or remove users. Reviewing e-Services information is just one of the tasks tax pros should complete now to get ready for 2020.

IR-2019-185, November 18, 2019 —The IRS, state tax agencies and the nation’s tax industry today announced that the 4th Annual National Tax Security Awareness Week will take place between December 2 and December 6.

IR-2019-184, November 15, 2019 — With health care open season now under way at many workplaces, the Internal Revenue Service today reminded workers they may be eligible to use tax-free dollars to pay medical expenses not covered by other health plans.

IR-2019-183, November 14, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service today issued guidance for taxpayers with certain deductible expenses to reflect changes resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

IR-2019-182, November 12, 2019 — The IRS announced today a significant increase in enforcement actions for syndicated conservation easement transactions, a priority compliance area for the agency.

IR-2019-181, November 7, 2019 - With the tax filing season quickly approaching, the Internal Revenue Service recommends taxpayers take time now to determine if they are eligible for important tax credits.

IR-2019-180, November 6, 2019 — The IRS today announced the tax year 2020 annual inflation adjustments for more than 60 tax provisions, including the tax rate schedules and other tax changes.

IR-2019-179, November 6, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service today announced that employees in 401(k) plans will be able to contribute up to $19,500 next year.

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