Taxpayers, tax pros and businesses can stay up to date with IRS e-News

IRS Tax Tip 2023-124, Nov. 27, 2023

The IRS has newsletters for a variety of tax topics and audiences. Anyone can sign up for these automatic email updates to get IRS information, news and tips.

  • IRS Outreach Connection − Up-to-date materials for tax professionals and partner groups inside and outside the tax community. Outreach Connection has information designed for subscribers to share with their clients or members through email, social media, internal newsletters, emails or a website.
  • IRS Tax Tips – Plain language tips that cover topics of interest to taxpayers. They include the latest on tax scams, tax reform, tax deductions, filing extensions and amending returns. 
  • IRS Newswire – Up-to-date news releases on tax administration issues such as breaking news and detailed legal guidance.

People can find a list of all IRS e-News subscriptions and sign up at the e-News Subscriptions webpage of