Undeliverable Refunds Looking for Taxpayers


Notice: Historical Content

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In October, the IRS announced that more than 92,000 tax refund checks had come back as undeliverable. If you filed for a refund and haven't received the money or any letter from the IRS about it, see Where's My Refund? on this site. It will tell you if your refund was sent and how to go about claiming the check you didn't receive.

To use this feature, you will need three items from your 2002 tax return:

  • your Social Security number
  • your filing status (such as single or married filing jointly)
  • the refund amount claimed

More than 115,000 additional undeliverable checks were related to the advance payment of an increase in the Child Tax Credit. Because the law set a limited time for mailing these payments, taxpayers whose returned checks are not reissued by the end of December will not get the advance. To meet this deadline, taxpayers had to provide the IRS with correct addresses by Dec. 5. Those who do not get an advance payment will get the increased credit they are entitled to when they file their 2003 tax returns.

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