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Pay by Debit or Credit Card when you e-file

Below you will find the list of integrated IRS e-file and e-pay service providers. Included is the website link, name (in parenthesis) and phone number of each service provider, and the fees charged.

Processor Rate Fee
(Link2Gov Corporation)
1-888-658-5465 Service
2.49% Minimum convenience fee $3.95
(WorldPay US, Inc.)
1-888-877-0450 Live Operator
2.35% Minimum convenience fee $3.95
(File Your Taxes)
1-805-644-9398 Service
3.93% Minimum convenience fee $2.00


Further Considerations

  • The integrated e-file and e-pay debit/credit card option is available through a number of tax preparation software products and tax professionals. Refer to tax preparation software or your tax professional to find out if the debit/credit card option is available and for more information about it.
  • It's convenient – file early and make a payment by debit/credit card later. The payment date will be the date the charge is authorized.
  • Need an extension? If you pay part ($1 minimum) or all of the tax you estimate you will owe using a debit/credit card, you will not need to file an extension form, such as Form 4868. Your payment will act as the extension.
  • Some tax preparation software may allow partial payments. Multiple payments cannot be made through tax preparation software.
  • Visit Pay your Taxes by Debit or Credit Card for more information on card payments.
  • Visit e-file or Free File your taxes for information about IRS e-file.
  • 2019 Credit Card Bulk Provider Requirements - Effective September 21, 2015, software providers requesting to partake in Integrated File and Pay (IF&P) processing must be partnered with IRS stand-alone Credit Card Bulk Providers. Please visit the link for further information.