Assessment of tax, Assessment of tax.
Assistance (see Tax help)


Conversion or dismissal chapter 11 case, Conversion or dismissal of chapter 11 cases.
Corporations, Corporations
Filing requirements, Corporations
Tax-free reorganizations, Tax-Free Reorganizations


Debt cancellation, Debt Cancellation
Bankruptcy exclusion, Bankruptcy case exclusion.
Corporations, Corporations
Insolvency exclusion, Insolvency exclusion.
Partnerships, Partnerships
S corporations, S Corporations
Deductions and credits, Bankruptcy Estate Deductions and Credits
Administrative expenses, Administrative expenses.
Discharge of tax, Discharge of Unpaid Tax
Disclosure of return information, Disclosure of debtor's return information to trustee., Disclosure of return information to trustee.
Dismissal of case
Amended return, Dismissal of bankruptcy case.


Election to end tax year: Form 1040, Debtor's Election To End Tax Year – Form 1040
Annualizing taxable income, Annualizing taxable income.
Election by spouse, Election by debtor's spouse.
Filing requirements, Making the Election - Filing Requirements
Short tax years, Short tax years.
Employment taxes, Employment taxes., Employment Taxes
Examination of return, Examination of return.


Free tax services, How To Get Tax Help


Help (see Tax help)


Individuals in Chapter 12 or 13, Individuals in Chapter 12 or 13
Individuals in Chapter 7 or 11, Individuals in Chapter 7 or 11
Gross income chapter 11 case, Income of the estate in individual chapter 11 cases.
Gross income chapter 7 case, Income of the estate in individual chapter 7 cases.


Jurisdiction over tax matters, Court Jurisdiction Over Tax Matters
Bankruptcy Court, Bankruptcy Court
Tax Court, Tax Court


More information (see Tax help)


Ordering tax return transcripts, Ordering tax transcripts and copies of returns.


Partnerships, filing requirements, Partnerships
Payment of tax claim, Federal Tax Claims
Eighth priority taxes, Unsecured Tax Claims
Second, third, fourth priority taxes, Higher priority taxes.
Secured tax claims, Secured tax claims.
Penalties, Penalties.
Relief from penalties, Relief from certain penalties.
Publications (see Tax help)


Request for prompt tax determination, Prompt Determination Requests
Request for refund, Requests for refund or credit


Statute of limitations collections, Statute of limitations for collection.

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