SOI tax stats - SOI Bulletin: Fall 2023


Statistics of Income (SOI) Bulletin, Fall 2023 (Publication 1136)PDF

The Statistics of Income Bulletin is issued quarterly by the Statistics of Income Division of the Internal Revenue Service. This report provides the earliest published annual financial statistics obtained from the various types of tax and information returns filed, as well as information from periodic or special analytical studies of particular interest to students of the U.S. tax system, tax policymakers, and tax administrators.

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Partnership Returns, Tax Year 2021PDF
by Ron DeCarlo, Tuba Ozer-Gurbuz, and Nina Shumofsky

Partnerships filed 4.5 million returns for the year, representing more than 30 million partners. The real estate and leasing sector contained about half of all partnerships (49.6 percent) and nearly a third of all partners (32.3 percent).

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