Contact the Office of Enrollment


Enrollment questions, including those about the status of your Form 23, Application to Practice Before the IRS; or Form 8554, Application for Renewal to Practice Before the IRS, should be directed to the Office of Enrollment by telephone, email, or mail.

Note: Please allow 60 days after submitting your Form 23 or Form 8554 before contacting us.

Telephone: 855-472-5540 (Hours of operation are 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Central time)


Note: This mailbox is not for IRS employee verification. If you are trying to confirm whether someone is an actual IRS employee because you received an unsolicited visit, phone call, or email claiming to be from the IRS, see Report Phishing.

This mailbox is only for the IRS Enrolled Agent Program. We will not respond to other inquiries.

Mailing Address:

Office of Enrolled Agent Policy and Management
985 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48232

Submit a name/address change request or proof of CE credits via fax at 855-889-7959, or by regular mail.