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Tax Information for Indian Tribal Governments

Tribal General Welfare Guidance
The Department of the Treasury has released guidance that addresses the unique set of challenges faced by the Native American community.

Per capita payments from trust funds held by the Department of the Interior
The Department of the Treasury and IRS issued final guidance regarding per capita distributions made to members of Indian tribes from funds held in trust by the Secretary of the Interior.

Voluntary Withholding on Dividends and Other Distributions by Alaska Native Corporations
Shareholders who receive dividends or other distributions from an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) can now request voluntary withholding.

Indian fishing rights-related activities income eligible for qualified retirement plan contributions
Amendments to the Treasury Regulations clarify that Indian tribal members who earn compensation for services performed in a fishing rights-related activity can contribute those amounts to a qualified retirement plan.

ITG Voluntary Closing Agreement Process
Information for Indian Tribes that are interested in an effective way of correcting a past error, mistake or misinterpretation of tax law or filing requirement.

Per Capita Payments from Certain Tribal Trust Settlement Proceeds Excluded from Income
Updated information regarding per capita payments from Tribal trust settlements

Reallocation Process Announced for Tribal Economic Development Bonds
The IRS has announced a process for reallocation of available amounts of volume cap for Tribal Economic Development Bonds.

Casino Issues
Information into the intent of Title 31 (anti-money laundering), non-Title 31 and other casino issues.

Indian Health Care Benefits and Section 139D
Frequently asked questions concerning Indian Health Care Benefits and Section 139D.

Recent Developments
Newsworthy items which may affect Indian tribal governments.

ITG News
News information of interest to Indian tribal governments.

IRS Requests Consultation on General Welfare and Issues Important New Guidance that will affect Indian Tribal Governments
The IRS has issued several important items of guidance that affect Indian Tribal Governments. Items include a Retirement Plan phone forum, reallocation of Tribal Economic Development Bonds, the Pension Protection Act and governmental plans, IGRA trust guidance, and a request for consultation on the general welfare doctrine.

ACT Public Meeting, Agenda, New Member
One new member joined ITG project team; report on recommendations to be released in June.

Voluntary Classification Settlement Program
Employers may reclassify workers as employees for future periods with partial employment tax relief.

Indian Tribal Governments Webinars and Phone Forums
Educational recordings covering topics for Indian Tribal governments

ITG Published Guidance
Links to guidance published by the Service regarding federal tax administration as it relates to tribal governments.

New Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Tax-Exempt Organizations
Beginning in 2008, small tax-exempt organizations that previously were not required to file returns risk losing their tax-exempt status if they do not file an annual electronic notice (e-Postcard Form 990-N). This will include small tax-exempt organizations operated by, or on behalf of Indian tribal governments.

Tax Status of Tribes
Different ways tribal entities can be structured and the tax implications of each; what constitutes a federally recognized tribe and the benefits of such; and the taxability of certain types of income to tribal members.

Natural Resources and Tribes
Information regarding tribal governments federal tax obligations and responsibilities regarding income from natural resources, IRC Section 7873, etc.

Excise Taxes
Information regarding excise taxes, who is liable, and definitions.

Tax Information for Charities and Other Non-Profits - ITG
Information for Tribal governments as well as other organizations on charitable organizations and deductions.

Tribal Governments and Tax Exempt Bonds
Insights into tribal governments' economic benefits of issuing tax exempt bonds; their ability to issue tax exempt bonds; what requirements must be met; and other applicable general rules.

FAQs for Indian Tribal Governments regarding Targeted Tax Benefits
Insights into the employment tax credits (Indian Employment, Work Opportunity, Welfare-to-Work, and Empowerment Zone Employment) available to those doing business with or employing Native Americans, and special depreciation rules for qualified property used on reservations.

Links to Helpful Resources
A repository of resources for specific research and/or general knowledge.

IRS’ Electronic Filing and e-Services
The IRS continues to expand its electronic filing and e-Services to allow tax professionals and payers to do business with the IRS electronically.

IRS Privacy Policy
The Internal Revenue Service's Office of Privacy ensures your personal information is protected whenever you visit the IRS website.

Instructions for ITG customers when they experience an interruption in tax preparation for whatever reason.

ITG 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey
ITG 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey

ITG Employment Taxes
Information for Indian Tribal Governments with regard to the withholding, filing, and paying of employment taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Indian Tribal Governments
General information about subjects of interest to tribal governments.

Tip Income
Information regarding the taxability of tip income, employee and employer reporting responsibilities, and the Tip Rate Determination Agreement (TRDA) program.

Information Reporting
Information into what types of forms need to be filed based on the types of income being reported, and the rules on backup withholding - when it's applicable and how it's reported.

Fraud and Abusive Schemes Information for Indian Tribal Governments
Information on abusive schemes for Indian Tribal Governments.

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